Sturtz Network is a server focused on making the web a better place.

This is not a small task with a database with over 63,704,620 rows of search data.

Sturtz Network owns and runs 2 servers, One is our main Server (Sturtz 001), and the other one (Sturtz 002) is a VPS hosted by IRC now

Sturtz 001 is our main server and we are working on moving as much as we can safely and securely as we can to the other server. Our our Search engine database is on Sturtz002.

Soon we want to have it so that if one server goes down the other can pick up the load.

At Sturtz Network security is our top priority We have a strict security Policy, if you don't need to access it you can't.

All Services have a diffent user that cannot login and cannot access the data of other services.

This sever would not be running with out:


Hi, I am dexter, My job is to help with server management and basic support. I help MIF because he is a friend of mine and I care about the server and the people who use it


Hi my name is MIF, I own and run this server, I am the IRC network op as MIF, you can find me in #teenprogrammers or #sturtz_network